Database Services

Having the right data for you marketing campaigns is a must.

That is why MailWorks provides various cleaning and updating services for your database to ensure your data is as accurate as possible.

Privacy Policy

privacy focused
MailWorks strives to provide the utmost in security. We make every effort to protect your confidentiality. All data remains the property of the client and is for their exclusive use only. Personal or corporate information may be stored and used in order to enhance our relationship with you.
At MailWorks we take the issue of the privacy of our clients’ databases seriously, and we believe everyone involved in Customer Relationship Management and e-commerce should do likewise.

MailWorks will not sell, distribute, barter or transfer
any confidential information obtained from a client to a third party.


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File Formats

MailWorks can process numerous file types. Including industry standards for databases such as MS Access, MS Excel, Dbase, text delimited are normally supplied for processing.


confirm a mail item is mailable

Address Verification & Correction

We offer address verification and correction as required by Canada Post and the United States Postal Service for qualification of Postal Discounts. To standardize an address database requires verification and correction scans. Scanning an address will check for the validity of the address. If the address is not valid according to Canadian or USA Postal Standards then correction processes are implemented.

NCOA service

National Change of Address (NCOA)

Your database can contain up to 6 percent or more individuals that have moved. With NCOA for both Canada and USA residents, we can update your address database with new addresses of customers that have moved.

remove duplicates


MailWorks can provide you with various options when it comes to duplicates in your database. From identifying unique exact duplicates to sound alike duplicates we can remove, report, isolate or modify such records to suit your requirements.

database filtering and extraction

Database Filtering/Extracting

Quite often a database becomes large enough that getting any useful information about it’s contents becomes a daunting task. You may require only certain records that are unique to a sales rep, postal code, region or customer type. What ever requirements you may have for specific record extractions MailWorks can help.

from here to there

Reverse Lookup

Submit your list of consumer residential phone numbers and we will append names and addresses. USA only.

Phone Append

This process looks-up phone numbers in a database provided directly by Canada’s telephone companies. Canada and USA.

do not content filtering

Do Not Mail

This process flags names on your file that have asked not to receive direct marketing solicitations. Canada and USA.

Performing a NCOA on your database

Demographic Append

Numerous from income levels to age statistics can be appended to your records. Canada and USA.
remove deceased

Deceased Suppression

Removing deceased individuals from your file. USA only.

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