Mailing Campaigns

With our extensive network of designers and printers we make sure that your campaign looks good while keeping you within a budget. Our years of experience in processing effective mail pieces allows us to guide you in the right direction. We are always looking at the most cost effective programs for our customers while maintaining quality and accuracy.

From envelopes to publications MailWorks printing quality will compliment the quality you are looking for.

Addressed envelope format on letter

Addressing / Return Address

Addressing mail pieces involves printing the address on a mail piece using a hi-speed inkjet process. MailWorks can print on various mail piece sizes or stock. The quality of printing is superior to printed labels and the system provides various font selections. We can also print your return address, black and white logo, and the Postal Permit. All printing of addresses conforms to guidelines set out by Canada Post or the United States Postal Service.



We can provide you with various folding sizes from 11 X 17 inches to small tent cards. All folding specifications conform to mail piece standards.

Insert your mailer into a polyethylene bag for added protection and convenience.


We provide Poly-bagging services for various mail piece sizes. Poly-bags can contain numerous inserts of various sizes. Contact us for more details on size options and price.

insert into envelope


Multiple inserts with a variety of material sizes, including specialized inserting are available for any project you have in mind.

add variable text to your mailer

Laser Merging

If you would like to personalize your letter, MailWorks can help. Variable database information can be applied to your mail piece. All done with our high quality laser merge capabilities.

barcode mailing


At MailWorks we specialize in printing unique individual barcodes on coupons, tags, certificates, passes, or on standard letter material. More companies use bar-coding as means of tracking customer spending, supplying pricing discounts, or price tagging. Talk to us about the wide array of bar-coding solutions that we can provide your company.

Sealing and adding postal indicia to your mailer.

Metering and Sealing

Tired of manually sealing your envelopes and applying stamps? Need a solution that will save you all that work and also qualify you for reduced postage rates? Give us the work so that you can save both time and money.

Sticky tabs added to edge of mailers for containment and convenience.


With frosted or white tabs, MailWorks is able to provide tabbing which meets requirements of both the Canadian and U.S.A. postal services

Talk to us about your requirements and we can provide you with printed samples.